We’re all Frankies
We’re all lying in hell

A Non–Social Media World is a Happier World

Just by being alive and walking around all of these ‘events’ that cause people such ‘outrage’ are not even mentioned. I went outside, walked down to 33rd, worked in-house at an ad agency, and not one of Today’s Important Issues came up in any way. Yet if you sign in to social media, it’s screaming and harsh words and defriending and blocking. No thanks.

Finally updating this site!

After 10 years of dormancy: it’s time! It’s going to take a bit. Anyone who loves WordPress and digs this site, feel free to drop a line! I’d love some time-saving tips. Thanks!

RUE MORGUE: David J of Bauhaus and Love And Rockets with his new book BAUHAUS, BLACK MAGICK, AND BENEDICTION

David J’s WHO KILLED MISTER MOONLIGHT? writeup at Rue-Morgue.com

Who Killed Mister Moonlight jacket

Facebook is hell

Tonight I posted that there was nowhere to sit at Starbucks. The reponses were “Why are you at Starbucks? There are other places to go.” I said, “Not at 10 pm” and everyone just shit in my face. Facebook is a house of evil.

Shade Rupe wishing JOAN RIVERS well on CNN, Friday Aug 29, 2014

I went on CNN to help broadcast a message of love to Joan Rivers.

New York Daily News print coverage on Joan Rivers, 8/29/14


With the majestic JOAN RIVERS, live in concert, August 27, 2014, NYC

I am so fortunate to have caught the amazing Joan Rivers with her latest material at the Laurie Beechman Theatre on Weds, Aug 27, 2014, from 8 pm to 9 pm, and was able to meet her and get a photo with her after the show. I love her so much.


Teller’s PLAY DEAD screens at the Phoenix Film Festival, Friday, Apr 5, 7:20 pm

Teller’s PLAY DEAD at Phoenix Film Festival, Friday, April 5, 7:20 pm


Link: Film Threat reviews PLAY DEAD’s world premiere at Fantasia 2012!