JT Petty’s Hellbenders contest

Just entered JT Petty’s Hellbenders 3-D contest. They have 19 entries. They’re picking three to cut into the film. We’ll know July 1st! I had a great time making this with New York actor Nate Faust (www.natefaust.com) and New York musician Bliss Blood of the Pain Teens (www.blissblood.com). Here’s the vid!


Watch and Vote for Shade Rupe’s “Whimsellica’s Grand Inheritance”!

I entered the Kuchar Brothers-inspired film contest for the documentary IT CAME FROM KUCHAR. You can vote once a day, every day, until March 26. Final voting is April 2nd by the judges and the Kuchar Brothers themselves! Winners get screened and live-streamed on April 9th, the film’s theatrical premiere. Cheers!


The Promise of Justice for All Contest

Hey! If you’ve got a moment please merely click on the below and help me get some views for my contest entry for the Washington State Bar Association’s The Promise of Justice for All contest. And vote if you feel like it. I know it’s not my usual thing but I’m happy I made something else videowise. Thanks!

Shade Rupe’s “The Promise of Justice for All” video contest entry

Ready for Cannes!

THE HILLS RUN RED World Premiering at SIFF June 12, 2009

I helped make this film happen in small ways that helped big things occur. Come join Robert Meyer Burnett, Dave Parker, and Shade Rupe in welcoming a new horror film unto the Earth.


Shade interviewed by Lena Yvanda of Macabre Mansion


Shade and John on Cash Cab!

This episode of Cash Cab ran Weds May 6 at 6:30 pm.


Podcast interview at The Seattle Geekly

Interviewed by Shannon of The Seattle Geekly for DRIFFF 2009 in Seattle, May 8-9.


Working on a movie in West Seattle

Worked as an assistant director to Eric Morgret and Amy BLANK on Larry Paros’ Yale Summer High School 1968, a new documentary for 2010 release.

Working on Larry Paros' documentary about Yale Summer High School 1968 in West Seattle.

The Graveyard Show interview for DRIFFF 2009

The Caretaker of The Graveyard Show approached my pal Loyd Cryer of the Texas Frightmare Weekend and myself for interviews for this week’s podcast, premiering tonight, April 23, at www.graveyardshow.com and then available on iTunes for download.