Sunday August 19, 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM, FREE ADMISSION – Egyptian Theatre
6712 Hollywood Blvd.

Sherman Torgan was one of the shining lights in repertory film exhibition in Los Angeles, an unsung hero and one of the last of the independents. He was a guy who loved movies, knew a lot about movies (all different kinds of movies) and loved to share them with others at his theatre, the New Beverly Cinema. Sherman was a good friend of the American Cinematheque and would always stop in and chat with us when he dropped off his calendar schedules at the Egyptian. We occasionally circuited prints between our theatres when we had dates of the same films booked close together. Like many others who still enjoy seeing movies on the big screen (where they were meant to be seen), all of us here at the Cinematheque gradually got to know and love Sherman. He will be sorely missed.

The Cinematheque will not be screening a film at the memorial. But we will be hearing from numerous friends and associates of Sherman’s, who will offer short testimonials relating their fond memories and experiences of him and the New Beverly.

Staci Layne Wilson interviews Sid Haig

Spider-Man 3, Suicide Girls, Grindhouse Film Festival 2007, Alejandro Jodorowsky at GreenCine

Man, it’s been a busy several months. Here are a couple fun articles for May. I decided to visit Los Angeles in February for two weeks and ended up staying for two months. I sadly missed out on visiting my friend Chris Sivertson’s film set for I Know Who Killed Me by days, though that was because I was staying with Ulli Lommel in Marina Del Rey and had no car and Ulli had asked me to help him rewrite a script. So that was cool, Marina del Rey was cool, and Hollywood was even more fun. There was the amazing Grindhouse Film Festival put on by Quentin Tarantino at Sherman Torgan’s New Beverly Cinema that went on for two months. That was the main reason I stayed actually, was to see all those movies projected, and with such a great crowd. Tons of fun!

If you’re on your way to Spider-Man 3, and you dropped by here on the way, you have something else to look forward to besides how cool Venom is. Check out the man with the beard cheering for Spider-Man at City Hall in the clip below.


A couple articles:

Stardom at

Hangin’ with Suicide Girls

I am alive!
It’s been way too long. Since my last post I’ve been to Glasgow, Edinburgh, Brussels, Antwerp, Bruges, San Diego, Toronto, Montreal, Barcelona, Sitges (where both Alejandro Jodorwosky and Richard Stanley [see photo] were guests; astounding), Mount Rainier, and Williamsburg and Luray, VA. Busy! Now pretty much camped out in New York as Dark Sky is done and I’m freelancing around and selling stuff and all that. I really do need to figure out how to do this picture stuff too. Tons of great pictures to post. More later, but yes, I am alive!


Wow! A) I’ve had a great time with this film since I first contacted Wild Bunch about finding a US distributor. I’ve seen this movie like 6 or 8 times, and before last night my most recent viewing was at the Longbaugh Film Festival in Portland where I booked the film (along with Tobe Hooper’s Toolbox Murders and the making-of Toolbox, Toolbox: As It Was by Kevin Ford and Chris Sivertson). So it was great to see this ‘little movie’ at the Loews on 42nd Street with a full house.

Asia did a funny Q&A afterwards where everyone kept asking her about JT Leroy (yawn) and I asked her about more directing efforts, then we made our way up to the Hudson for the after-party. So much fun!

I have to say that one of the great things about all this stuff is being able to meet and know some really great people. Film people can be so much fun! Sure, some are jerks, but I feel lucky. Some of the shining stars making this party swirl were underground filmmaker Nick Zedd, Asia Argento herself, glam photographer Mick Rock, executive producer Lilly Bright (the movie is called HEART for a reason), Richard Barone of the Bongos, Aristedes DuVal, myself, my pal Allen Hale, this hot dancing girl Shannon (sure wish I exchanged numbers; I can ask Richard), and more. Very very fun with free yummy sweet martinis that I’m sure have some kind of name.

Asia DJ’d a lot of ’80s tunes with a smattering of modern techno.

The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things is sadly mostly going to get washed in all the JT Leroy stuff, but I’m sure some will also see the film itself, and what this great crew has put into it.


Nick Zedd and Asia Argento

Getting a little closer than Asia expected…

I hate it when I’m an idiot

I went to exchange a CD holder thing at Best Buy and thought I should bring my passport. I put it in the front pocket of one of those puffy lumberjack like shirts, and left.

I took it off once to use the bathroom at Starbucks at 24th and 6th. A woman was knocking so i hurriedly put myself together, and there was no coat rack so I set it on top of my bags. A woman came in after me.

20 minutes later I get out of the cab at 51st and 9th and realize I don’t have my passport. I actually don’t believe it fell out at Starbucks. I feel that somehow while I was sleeping in the cab that the passport became dislodged. Amazingly, for something I have lost before (left it at Disneyland Paris in 2004 and couldn’t come back to the states) and something I love (all my international stamps: Poland, France, England, Spain, Italy, Canada) you’d think I would button my shirt up or put the passport in my bag.

I’m really amazed that it’s gone actually. Everything else is in my pockets. My wallet, which I just started using days ago, loose money, everything. My passport is the biggest item, and it was in a plastic protective cover.

On the way home in the cab, and the only reason I took a cab was because I was so incredibly tired, I felt something fall from me to the floor. I felt it was my cap, which I had just bought for $1. I felt on the floor, didn’t feel a cap, then realized it was on my head. I saw someone else’s cap with writing on it in the foot area next to me, and didn’t think to pick it up and give it to the driver. If I had, would I have seen my passport?

And it looks like a new passport is $100… so to exchange a CD holder with a mark on it, which I saved $10 on anyway, I have lost something cool that would’ve been cool to scan with all those stamps, something to put in a box and pull out in 50 years, and I need $100 to get a new one, and I need it in two weeks so I can board an airplane. Un-real.

Boy, to have that ability to do some of life’s simple decisions over again…

It’s been awhile!

Boy! Been awhile since I’ve posted. Got really busy once I started working with hereDark Sky Films. So far this year I’ve been to:

Portland, OR, London, Rome, Florence, Venice, Los Angeles, Montreal, Chicago, Toronto, Madrid, Sitges, Barcelona

Whew! I’ve met a zillion cool people and have been having tons of fun and seeing tons of movies. For Hollywood type movies Brokeback Mountain is a fave. I liked King Kong enough to see it twice, but that Jack Black guy sucks. He was such a dork at the King Kong world premiere party. Adrien Brody is cool, Fran Walsh is always excellent, and George Lucas was very nice to meet. I wish I talked to him a little more, but maybe next time.

There’s really so much to report, but I’ve got to get back into the swing of this.


Star Wars midnight premiere at the Zeigfeld

Had a great time doing this and had some heart-tugging realizing this is probably the last movie ever to have such a cool opening. They are still lining up at the Zeigfeld even though it’s playing at shoeboxes all over town. So nice to see lines at the Zeigfeld again, just wish it was exclusive so it would play for months.

AOL Moviefone was there doing little video things and amazing they chose my pic to advertise their video plays. Brought to my attention by the great Dallas Mayr. Quick digital pic here.

And here’s the link to the video:

A Night at the Beekman

I have only been to the Beekman once, for the premiere of Bernardo Bertolucci’s The Dreamers, and now that they’re tearing the thing down, I’ve been waiting for a movie I could choke down to play there. The Interpreter wasn’t exactly it, but I made it over, and I’m glad I did.

The theater was packed, especially for a Sunday night. There was a line of ticketholders out front going in. It was near sold out. It was awesome going into that place packed. I managed to snag a few photos before being told no. I don’t know why it’s such a big deal to them if they’re going to tear it down anyway, but whatever.

One thing that sucks is I bought the Clearview gift certificate package for $25 to get the free movie ticket and after I bought my popcorn I put it in my back pocket and it wasn’t until I sat down for Chinese food at 11:11pm did I realize I lost it. Sucks. I used $15 of the coupons, but lost $10, and free ticket. I called the theater, maybe they’ll find it. So far, no.

Sadly on the way home I tried to stop by the Wellington hotel restaurant but they ‘upgraded’ the restaurant to look more like Bellevue, WA, like the rest of New York. I really hate the new New York. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. I just couldn’t eat there with it looking so bland and white and mall. I got instantly sad.

I think I’m going to have to get pithed to get the sentimentality out of me. It’s just killing me trying to be nostalgic in a town like New York which hates its own history and wants to annhiliate all culturals traces it can.

But it was great to go to the Beekman. I’m jealous of my friends who got to take pics there last week with no one stopping them. I’ve been stopped twice now. They’re tearing it down! So very very sad.

At The Woodsman At The Empire

People sure can be weird and fucked.

I went to see the Woodsman and it was sold out. I was a little surprised for the kind of film it is, but it was a Friday night at 8pm so people just see whatever is available. There were maybe five seats in the 70-seat auditorium. I saw one in front of the railing with coats on it. I asked and the seat was available, but the woman with the coats gave me this odd look of horror. I put my stuff in the chair also, got some popcorn and sat.

The old woman on my right didn’t want to move her coat. I sat down and she draped her coat OVER ME. I pushed it over and she gave a harrumph! Her coat was still on top of me so I just moved my arm on top. Normally I’d crunch the whole thing over to her side, but I felt like being calm and cool. About 15 minutes later she looks for something in her coat and completes drapes the coat over me. I’m like, Okay… Finally I picked up one of her sweaters she laid on top of me and put it over the railing in front of us. She said, Thanks. I curled her coat up and moved it more to her seat.

The guy next to me was a trip. He kept laughing throughout the movie. It’s not really a ‘comedy.’ He also shifted a bunch and would pick up his coat over the railing, refold it, and set it back down. Then, and this was so weird, I ate a small bag of popcorn and put my bag on the floor. A few minutes later the guy on my left picked up the bag and said, Do you want this? I said, Uh no, It’s empty. He said, Because it’s in ‘my space.’ I took the bag from him. And put it in my space.

The Woodsman had one of the weirdest audiences. There were definitely some pederasts looking for their thrills in this flick. I guess watching Kevin Bacon ask a young girl if she’d like to sit in his lap might do it for them.

Weird night at the movies.