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Oh, man, it’s been a tough week. They’ve switched us to a two-week payday from an every week payday, so we’re all screwed. On the 24th we got a small check from 3 days of the previous week. It’s the last check we get until January 15th, and then on that day we’re only getting the other two days of the previous week, plus the 5 out of 10 days we could actually work during the holiday period.

Cute, huh?

So none of us can pay rent, which is ugly. So, I’ve gone through the shelves and pulled out close to 200 books, magazines, CDs, tapes, videotapes, etc. and listed them on eBay. The auctions are ending from the 1st to the 8th. If you’re into cool, weird fun stuff check out: Shade’s January eBay auctions