Chicago, Illinois
4th Chicago Underground Film Festival

My short film “penisknifevaginawound” played as part of a program. John Waters was the Guest of Honor. Jim van Bebber was also a guest and screened his rough cut of ‘Charlie’s Family.’ Mink Stole also showed up for the fun. Charles Pinion, Marne Lucas, Beth B, and Jack Sargeant were among the revelers for Jay Bliznick and Bryan Wendorf’s annual festival.


High C
The Object of my Addiction
Cycle Sisters

Jake’s Rider
Heavy Distortion
The Yellow Pill

movies made

Cabaret Voltaire video (high school — unedited)
Looking for Heaven (high school — unedited)
Self-Immomulsion (1993)
• 1994 New York Underground Film Festival
• 1994 Chicago Underground Film Festival
• Jack Stevenson’s
Nightmares of Ecstacy European Tour
Penisknifevaginawound (1996)
• 1997 Chicago Underground Film Festival
Lifestyles condom contest (Digital Video; 1998)
Country Crock contest (Digital Video; 2000)

movies worked on

Chunkblower (1990; 35mm film trailer; Dir: Jim Van Bebber)
• See images and a poster from Chunkblower.
Xtro 2 (1990; one day Production Assistant)
Face of a Stranger (1990; production assistant, film runner)
Fish Movie (1990; Seattle, Cameraman)
American Heart (1991; two weeks 3rd Sound; Dir. Martin Bell)
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (1991; day grip; Dir: David Lynch)
Oedipal Breakfast (Milk of Amnesia) (1992; Production Assistant; Dir: Jim Sander)
Zero Cool (1992; Production Assistant)
Whore 2 (1992; New York; 2nd Grip; Dir: Amos Kollek)
German AIDS PSA (1993; New York)
Type O Negative: Black No. 1 music video (1993; New York)
Fruit by the Foot commercial (1993; New York)
Hysteria (1993; Production Manager; 16mm Feature; Dir: Fred Soffa)
Bukowski Film (1993; short; Gaffer)
Vexed (1993; 11m short; Assistant Lighting; Dir: Al Griffin)
Urban Legend (1994; 25m short; Dir: Adrienne Shelly)
Unvisionary (1996; 3m short; Camerman; Dir: Colin Raff)

acted in

Bombs Away! (1985; Seattle; “Bystander at Ferris Wheel”)
Vancover Film School Interview
Sausages (1990; Vancouver, B.C.; “Jack”)
Beat Up Gay (1992; “Basher”; NYU Short; Dir: Joshua Logan)
A Wavering Heterosexual Meets the Pleasure Principle Head On and Is Forced to Decide
(1994: “The Stud”; Director: Fred Soffa)

Princess Superstar: ‘Mr. Smooth’ music video (1997; “Dancer at Concert”)
Photos from the ‘Mr. Smooth’ set.
The 1 and the 9 (2002; Voiceover Radio Announcer; Fred Soffa short film)