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I met the mother of Satan’s child tonight!


There’s this Bob Balaban show in town called The Exonerated and all these celebrity people who have time and are into it are showing up and participating to educate audiences about six people who have been convicted of committing murder, spent years, and some years and years, in jail, and then new evidence popped up and they were released.

With nothing more than a pat on the back. The door is open. And they’ve lost years of their lives. (they took up a collection at the end, with baskets just like at church).

I was going for the Bob Balaban part for sure, and the big bonuses for this week are the inclusion of the always phenomenal Penn Jillette, and sitting just two over from him onstage was MIA FARROW!!!!!

I mean, how many people have fucked Satan? AND Frank Sinatra?

She was SOOOOOOO nice. I don’t know what the heck was up with all that stuff with Woody, that all seemed freaked out and crazy, but she was supernice in person.

Wow! The mother of Satan’s child! I almost wanted to call her mom!

And on the Penn Jillette side of things, Penn & Teller’s new series starts Friday at 11pm ET (and every Friday) on Showtime. It’s called Bullshit! and they poke holes in all sorts of garbage theory and con games. Actually maybe they just point out the holes since it’s all filled with holes to begin with. This week they blast the ‘talking to the dead’ people.