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Have a Cigar!

At 5 a.m., February 15th, Olive gave birth to the newest addition to our chin family: Valentine!

John woke me up saying, “I think Olive is having a baby!” I jump up and there’s Olive jumping up and down and this little chin head is coming out. I grab my video camera but while futzing, little baby Valentine popped right out. Olive did all the good chin mom stuff, cleaned her up and all, and now here she is!

Valentine is just over two weeks old in this picture. Her proud parents, Roman (white) and Olive (gray) are below. Olive is now a year and a half old and Roman turns one year old on March 5th.

And here’s mama Olive and baby Valentine doing a little log-jumping:

So Valentine technically was born the day after Valentine’s Day, but we consider it to be Valentine’s Day Night, since it was such a special night!