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Foot Surgery

I’ve had an enlarged bone on the front ball of my foot right under the big toe, and a bone spur on my big toe since at least my late teens. I always thought it was going to be this big financial deal so I waited until I had health insurance.

I love my podiatrist. He had an ad in the papers with his face, smiling, and over and beneath this image the ad read, “The right face for your feet!” Thought it was hilarious, had to go, been having a great time every since. He’s a good kook. I love good kooks.

So I get dosed under by IV, and apparently went to sleep 3 times. I’ve been wearing this big shoe over my right foot since yesterday. Took yesterday off, and really wish I did this on Thursday because it’s a long weekend and I could’ve just laid up 4 days in a row. Not to be.

Went to work today. Fucking hell. I’m moving really slowly. I’m getting to see life as a gimp in Manhattan. I cabbed to the front door of work but hobbled, slowly, like a slug in glue, to the bagel guy. I made it all the way to just out of his eyesight when this woman moved right past me, I felt her wind gather my arm hairs, and she placed her order. My order took less than 30 seconds, right after hers, but she really couldn’t wait, and she knew she’d win.

I had three people literally PUSH the revolving doors at work to make me move faster, even when the next revolving door over, not to mention two still exits, were unused.

They knew they could win.

It’s not a life I want to delve into too much at the moment, but I bet life as a crippled person would really really suck practically anywhere, and in New York, I can’t see it being too pleasant at all.