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New York Film Festival tickets

Ya know, lately life has been really just really too intense, and a lot of work. I’ve had like earmuffs wrapped around my head from the back and kind of embedded in my skull. Just way way way too much going on.

Polish class is very nice. I started Elementary Polish at Hunter College a few weeks ago. The Pulaski parade is on Sunday so that should be some fun.

I ordered my few tickets for the New York Film Festival back in August because everything sells out by the time the box office opens in September. I couldn’t get my check out soon enough for whatever reason and I missed out on tickets for Dogville, the new Lars von Trier. Oh well. One ticket, for Jan Jakub Kolski’s ‘Pornography,’ was for Tuesday the 7th at 6pm. Well, that’s right in the middle of Polish class. Amazingly, we had a visitor from Nowy Dziennik (Polish Daily News) and she and I talked after class, and she bought the ticket from me! So I didn’t have to worry about losing out on the $15, which is like an insane price for a movie ticket.

So I head up to Alice Tully today to get a ticket for the Monday night show of Pornography, and I’m standing in line, and just on a whim, I ask: “Do you have even one single ticket for Dogville?” And amazingly, and you could see the shock in the guy’s eyes, he said, “Yes. I can’t believe it but we do.”

I just looked up where I’m sitting. It’s a little close 5th row, but I’m right smack dab in the center. I was afraid I would be off to one side.

I just can’t have much to drink because it’s a 3-fucking-hour-long movie, but I’m happy to have gotten a ticket, and to have that position. That is fine.

There’s still a lot of other hell to iron out in my life, and some of it seems to be grooving along okay enough, but man, I got my ticket for Dogville for Saturday night. That’s a good thing.