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October 3, 2002

I meant to post here during my trip throughout Poland and to Paris, but I became quite overwhelmed with the whole experience, so the stories will come out in bits throughout the days. I’m still tired, readjusting to the US schedule.

Went to the Clive Barker signing last night at Barnes & Noble. He sure is a swell guy. His husband David and this icky publicist guy in a suit that looks like he has to pay to have sex hovered over the table. I’m surprised at Clive’s memory because he remembers more of our quick meetings in the past than I do! Nice guy.

Tonight we’re going to a DVD release party for our friend Doug Langway’s Raising Heroes, a pretty cool ultra-low-budget movie starring his lover Henry White. Gay guys with guns, a fun concept.

I’ve been scanning the slides from the trip and will post some of those too. The whole thing was really smart and great to do. I’m really into the travelling thing now. I actually want to return to each of the places I went to in Poland, so I think next time a full two weeks there is needed. Even though I also want to go to Bratislava, Budapest, Belgrade, etc. etc.