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Roger Ebert and Adrian Lyne and Olive

I went to this Diane Lane tribute thing and Robert Osbourne was supposed to be the host but they got Roger Ebert instead. I like Diane Lane enough but I didn’t feel I needed to go. When I heard Roger Ebert would be there, I wanted to go.

Adrian Lyne ended up being there because he directed Lane in his last movie. He was great! He was really cool and he said he’s into submitting something for Jack Stevenson’s new book on Dogme. I wish I talked to him a bit more. He’s really cool.

I went to the bathroom and Ebert was leaving when I got out. I was leaving also, just wanted to say hi, mention Jack’s book, and he acted like he was Princess Diana and didn’t want to talk to anyone.

Now, you would almost think this happens all the time. But it doesn’t. 98% of the creative people I meet are really really cool. Ebert just wanted to get away. Maybe he was just plain tired, maybe he got accosted a lot in the theatre, but he wasn’t very cool about being talked to.

Heck, maybe I’ll meet him again later, but for a guy who wrote four Russ Meyer films (Who Killed Bambi never got made)… I dunno. I thought he’d be a lot cooler.

And on Olive, she’s been sick for almost a week. Totally sucks. Brought her to the vet and it looks like she’s getting better. It’s been pretty stressful wondering what the heck is up with her though. Man, I’m so glad I’ll never have children. It would make me crazy.