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A Happy Halloween… but I’m sick!

I can’t believe I’m sick on Halloween! And a Friday night Halloween! Probably staying up late last night to finish some work wasn’t best, but I’m glad I got the stuff done. But man, today I’ve got the hardcore stuffed nose, the dry, hacking throat, vomited twice, and I’ve lost some appetite. Dammit!

Was really really psyched to go see William Lustig’s Maniac at the Pioneer with Bill there, followed by Stuart Gordon’s King of the Ants. King of the Ants starts in 10 minutes, and I won’t be there. I’m just too laden by gravity at the moment.

Just ate a Boca meatless pizza and am having some caffeine-free Diet Pepsi. Not even candy for Shade tonight! I’m wearing my glow-in-the-dark mummy t-shirt from Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights IX, pulled out the cool tiger mask with fur my mom found at some garage sale or the Salvation Army, and I’m just going to bundle up and try to make it through at least one movie.

I sorta feel like watching Maniac since I missed it tonight, but I’ve had these Claude Lanzmann films here, including A Visitor from the Living, and although that’s not that much of a Halloween movie, the title is kinda Halloween.

Waaaaah! Bob Burnett and his wife Yelena (who designed the DVD cover for Guillermo del Toro’s Cronos; and that’s HER on the cover!) are at a W Hotel party in L.A. thrown by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, people are down at the Pioneer watching horror movies, Ian and Tashan are at the K48 party in Brooklyn, and I’m alone at home listening to some dog bark.

Well, I’m sure Claude Lanzmann will set fire to something in my brain, but boy it would be nice to be out for Halloween tonight. Maybe something neato will be going on tomorrow night.

And there’s always next year…

Maybe I’ll make the screening of the silent Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde tomorrow at the Walter Reade. There’s also some duping of the Polish animation and surrealist films, and Ashes & Diamonds is at AMMI.

There’s something to do, of course, but TONIGHT is HALLOWEEN!!!!