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Boy have I been seeing a lot of movies lately! I’m usually watching a few at home and in theaters, but with the Not of This Earth festival going on at Walter Reade I’ve been seeing a LOT of movies lately. If no parentheses, then film was at the Walter Reade.

Dec. 23 – Kill Bill Part 1 (7th time!) (Loews 42nd Street E-walk)

Dec. 25 – Lord of the Rings: Return of the King (Astor Place)

Dec. 26 – A Boy and His Dog

Dec. 27 – Demon Seed

Dec. 28 – The Seventh Victim (double feature)

Dec. 28 – The Uninvited (double feature)

Dec. 30 – The Fury

Dec. 31 – Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Jan. 02 – Punishment Park

Jan. 03 – Avalon

Jan. 06 – Chungking Express

Jan. 07 – Dial M for Murder (in NaturalVision!) (Film Forum)

Jan. 08 – The Butterfly Effect (Loews 42nd Street E-walk)

Phew! That’s 13 flicks in 2.5 weeks! At home I’ve been watching tons of stuff to from two Claude Lanzmann films (Tsahal, and A Visitor from the Living), two Val Lewton (Cat People, Curse of the Cat People), Takashi Miike (Ichi the Killer), two Abel Ferrara (The Blackout, New Rose Hotel), Django, Bound, and more! MOVIES!

It’s going to get really bad in February. The Jerzy Kawalerowicz festival starts on the 29th, and Film Forum will be my second home as Un Chien Andalou and L’Age d’Or are playing for a week, followed by The Tenant for a week, then Umbrellas of Cherbourg, then the Orson Welles festival starts, then the 3-D festival! Agh!