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Post-Orlando Chinchilla Freakout

Oh dear.

I was all excited and was planning on writing all about the ultraglee at DisneyWorld from Sunday to Wednesday but I came home today and saw Olive and Valentine and then looked closer at Valentine and wondered why she was so white, and so much smaller, and then realized: somehow the chinchillas had been mixed up and so instead of the safe, non-baby-producing combo of Olive/Valentine, Micha/Rainer, we were now in chinchilla overloadville.

I called Amy and she said she kinda thought something was up when she let them out, but she wasn’t sure. Ya see, Amy had sent me an email saying something to the effect that she might not be available to check on them so I asked our really nice across-the-hall neighbor Mandy if she would mind coming over and checking on food and stuff.

So somehow during all this the chins got mixed up.

I hope we don’t have chinnie babies in three months. That’s interbreeding. This ain’t West Virginia!

More on DisneyWorld soon. I must sleep. We were waking up at 7 to get on the park buses by 8 to get in early as resort guests. It’s amazing how much we were able to do. If these two weeks were the least-populated days in the parks, I’m never setting foot in them during the high season. You might get 5 rides in in an 8-hour day. We rode the Haunted Mansion five times alone on Sunday! Yay!