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Portobello Road, London, England

First time in London. As with Paris I’ve found a greater understanding of all the movies I’ve seen about the people and places. The accents seem ‘normal’ here rather than forced as they’ve felt in movies. A very different way of living, at least out here on Portobello Road where I’ve been staying with a director friend.

As my travelling partner has recently had surgery we’re moving a bit slow and pretty much staying in one place, but it’s quite nice to be here. I’m hoping John and I can make the Paris trip next month and toss a few days in London into the mix. I’d like to see this city with someone else without the encumbrance of business to bog us down, although I’ve been having a blast doing interviews and traveling about transferring materials and such.

A nice taste. I noticed a marquee displaying a three-dimensional Chitty Chitty Bang Bang design and while normally I would have a hard time ponying up the pounds for such an event, something is calling me in that direction… we’ll see what plays are on John’s plate when we do make it back. I know that Endgame with Michael Gambon must be on his list.