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February 2nd, 3rd: Bertolucci premieres, February 6th: John Waters opening at the New Museum

Boy have things been fun and wild! The week before the London trip was just jam-packed with exciting adventures. One fun thing was running into Scooter McRae’s girlfriend at the first Bertolucci premiere for The Dreamers. I actually left the movie and went and got a haircut because I knew I’d be seeing the film the next night at the official premiere at the Beekman. I did think I saw Jeremy Thomas on the stage, but didn’t see him later at the reception downstairs. The assistant curator guy at AMMI is still being a dick to me, and I can only take it back to wondering if Tim Burton would be visiting afterwards in the lobby. Man, that entire point in history, and today, would be so different if I merely walked up to the stage and said hello. Instead I missed Diamanda Galas, the AMMI guy is a dick to me, and even the supercool and awesome David Schwartz seems like he’s looking at me like I’m crazy or something. And while I freely admit that I’m a bit of a different duck, I know that I’m not one of the drooling freaks who glom on to celebs, so whatever.

The next night was a lot more fun as Norm and I met up with Richard and M—– (nameless because of later actions) at Patsy’s (even though we went to different ones – a benefit of cell phones for sure) and then went down to the Beekman. Tons of papparazzi snapping pics and Liv Tyler walks in and I never really thought about her much before but she is gorgeous in person, just beautiful, and tall. Michael Pitt was there of course, dressed like a skater boy, but the other two leads were nowhere to be seen. The movie plays, it was fine and fun and had a hard-on, which is extremely rare on American screens, and had some nice movie reverence scenes.

Afterwards we move on to Gustavino for the party, and that was a blast. What a neat place! It’s built under the 59th St. bridge and has two levels. Lots of fun up there. Michael Pitt is really nice and Norm had worked with Jonathan Demme before on Melvin and Howard so we talked to him a bit, and Richard introduced us to Jeremy who is super cool and it’s great to see that Cronenberg, Roeg and Bertolucci have someone like Jeremy working for them.

M—– wanted a snapshot of her with Liv Tyler because she was her stand-in on an early film Inventing the Abbotts. So I had to get a snapshot too, just ’cause. Liv was really nice and sweet. It was eye-opening while sitting next to Bertolucci to have Liv asking him for a film role she could really use, that would really ‘bring her out.’ Everybody wants something else than what is going on in their lives I guess.

We hung out pretty late and then separated and went back and crashed at my place.

On Friday of that same week was the press preview for John Waters’ new show at the The New Museum of Contemporary Art. Carl and Norm joined me for that and there were a ton of people there. What an amazing show! A cream of the crop for John Waters fans.

TONS of his art photo stills up on the walls, arranged in corners and stuff, plus three-dimensional artworks, a couple dioramas representing moments from his films, plus the amazing opportunity to see all three of John’s early shorts that he never shows to anyone. I asked him about this and he said he wants to let people just walk in for a few minutes and get a few snatches rather than watch the whole thing. Then it’s like the rest of his show, taking frames out of other movies and letting those frames contrast and compare with other stills. Fun!

Norm, Richard, and I went back the next night for the actual opening which was swamped. We saw a few people like Steve Buscemi and Michael Almereyda and the always cool Dennis Dermody and Dolores Deluxe

but I didn’t see Henny Garfunkel who I had just talked to earlier in the day. Norm and Richard and yes myself were really hungry because we had been recording rather than eating. Again, as I say below, I feel that leaving early on my own for this event and staying in touch by cell phone may have been better.

I’m a little peeved because we were recording other stuff that day and got done late and I John was getting off work and I said we’d meet him at 6:30 and we didn’t get down there until almost 8pm!!! I left John a message which was fine but sadly he called back on his cell phone which I had but had left in the coat of my pocket in Norm’s room when I ran up to Richard’s room to show him some pictures I had just picked up. I thought about it when I left to go upstairs but thought I’d be back right quick, which I was, but not quick enough. Norm tried to grab the phone but couldn’t find it before John had left a message that he was going to come home. It was really cold outside then and I hate it that John was standing outside. That was definitely a time for me to just take control and get going. I didn’t get to see Henny, I didn’t get to meet with John, and I barely had any time there. Prior obligations must take precedence sometimes, and I’m sure given the address Norm and Richard would’ve found the place fine. And I had John’s cell. C’est la vie.

I hate it that John didn’t join us that night, for many reasons. John’s met Mr. Waters a few times at the bookstore he works at and says hi. So that would’ve been great. Then we went to Yaffa Cafe afterwards which is always fun. Then we went to Kim’s Video quickly, then ran up to the Empire State Building at night, which had no lines at all, and was great for Richard because he’s never been up there and he’s such a HUGE King Kong fan, and a gorgeous cool night it was. Totally clear for miles around. I would’ve loved to have shared this with him. *sigh* Still a lot of fun! I just like to share those things.