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Tony Randall (Arthur Leonard Rosenberg) – Good Guy

February 26, 1920 — May 17, 2004

Through John I met Tony Randall and his lovely wife Heather and his two children Julia Laurette and Jefferson Savini. I would only see Tony during National Actors Theatre events and plays, though on one occasion Heather invited John and I over to read a few parts of her friend’s play and Tony arrived after a benefit he had attended.

Tony Randall was always gracious, kind, smart, funny, and cool. He was everyone’s friend and was helpful in a million ways to everyone around him. He started the National Actors Theatre with a million of his own dollars, and went out finding the rest. Through an internship at NAT, Heather Harlan and Tony met, and the rest is history. Tony had a previous marriage of fifty years to Florence Gibbs that ended with her passing due to cancer.

John and I were on 45th Street on Friday, May 20th, in front of Avenue Q when Jack Klugman and his girlfriend Peggy Crosby walked by on their way to buy tickets for Raisin in the Sun, so we offered a hello and condolences. Jack, Peggy and Tony were all on stage in 1998 at the Lyceum Theater on 45th Street for the National Actors Theatre production of The Sunshine Boys, with Jack and Tony in the main roles.

A few moments later we walked towards Broadway and walked past Eric Idle and Mike Nichols. Through John and Tony Randall and Fred Walker at NAT I learned a lot about theater and Broadway and the Plaza Hotel where NAT often had fundraising events.

I only have nice things to say about Tony Randall, and his wife Heather, and Fred Walker, and NAT.

The latest news I’ve heard is that Pace University will continue its relationship with the National Actors Theatre.

Tuesday night John and I had a nice walk through Central Park, walked by Heather and Tony’s place, and walked down Broadway to be in Times Square at 8pm for the one-minute dimming of the lights in tribute to Mr. Randall.

Thank you, Tony. A good man all around.