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William Friedkin’s CRUISING at BAM!

See New York as it once was in all its sleazy ’70s glory. Nobody behaves this way anymore, at least in public, and not on film. Should be a fun evening though one day I’d love to see someone screen it outdoors at night in Central Park. From the BAM calendar:

Saturday, July 3rd at 2, 4:30, 6:45 & 9PM


What in the world? Pacino goes undercover to find a murderer in the

underground Village S&M scene. This film provoked boycotts from gay-advocacy groups

and shocked audiences with its rawness, subject matter, indictment of corrupt

police (a Friedkin trademark), and seeming disregard for narrative logic.

Without question one of the strangest major studio films ever made, it will leave

you slack-jawed.