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Boy, I really need to keep this better updated. Sorry, folks!

Lately been seeing a lot of movies and having a lot of fun. Saw three of the films in the John Boorman series at BAM Cinematek. Would’ve been smart to at least go to Hope and Glory to meet the guy, but the film’s poster turned me off. Dumb, but true. Now I hear the movie is great. *sigh* Still, I did make it to Exorcist II, Zardoz and Deliverance. Pissed me the fuck off that the crowd at Zardoz, pretty packed really, decided it was a ‘camp classic’ and decided to laugh during the whole movie. They raised their arms in the air when the Etnernals went into second level meditation, etc. Totally stupid.

Beginning September 28 and through the weekend I attended three of the films during the Loews Jersey 75th Anniversary. Tuesday’s screening was Mr. Smith Goes to Washintgton. A little long, but has a lot to to do with even today’s politics, which is kinda sad. Spartacus looked great, but I missed the first hour for some reason I forget now. I was doing something else, seeing another movie, I forget. It’s okay. I’ve seen this restored version at least once, at the King Cinema in Seattle, many moons ago. But I did catch all of Superman, which was great good fun. Sadly, a small child behind me cecided it was Talk Time and also Cough Time. This child was right behind my right ear coughing and coughing and coughing in this repetitive hack. Really sucked. I finally just moved over, but I shouldn’t have had to. I turned to offer the child some water but the women next to the child said, “the parents are over there.” Just too much work.

Saw Tarntaion at the New York Film Festival and am happy to report that Jonathan Couette is a super-nice guy. Interesting how this film moved from playing the MIX Festival to being sold to 20 territories. Amazing how this stuff happens.

One thing that was fun over these last couple months was going to see a Godzilla movie at Film Forum that just happened to be the same night at Bruce Weber showing his new film. He’s a big yummy bearman and had a lot of friends visiting. After the Godzilla movie I met my friend Ian to check out with this Black Book magazine show with art by our mutual friend Sue de Beer and original commissions by Floria Sigismondi. Floria’s pieces easily dominated the show. She’s a complete genius. And she really is pregnant in the pics. The kid’s coming out next month.

After the Black Book show I went back to Film Forum to catch the first few minutes of the Godzilla movie’s second showing (I had missed the first few) and Bruce Weber was doing his thing in the lobby and I walked right past Isabella Rossellini. Wow. She is really beautiful. What a neat lady. I’ve noticed her before and thought she was cool, but live in person is something else.

Also went to the Stephen King talk with Charlie Rose on 9/19 at the 92nd Street Y. I sorta wish I had made plans to go to Connecticut because I ended up not being able to say hi. I guess he poked his head out the exit door but then later chose to just go out the front door. Would’ve been nice to say hi, but it was fun to hear him talk.

Ugh. I know there’s more and I’ll try to type as I remember it.