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HWA Halloween Party Pics

A few HWA-NYC people got together Halloween night at the Aegean restaurant to celebrate the evening. Mr. Dallas Mayr took us on a great walk on 69th Street where hundreds of dressed-up children trick-or-treated on this amazing block with several of the homes dressed up for the holiday, including some who even opened their lobbies with witches and dark cauldrons and a special effect or two.

While I sadly didn’t get any pics of the greatly decorated street, Mr. Nick Kaufmann took a few photos at the restaurant before we went out. Here, Mr. Lee Thomas, dressed as Shaun from Shaun of the Dead, whacks Zombie Shade but good.

More of Nick’s shots are here.

I sorta wish I chose to dine with my friends but I had a buzz on to go to Jekyll & Hyde restaurant for Halloween. It sadly was the least interesting time I’ve had there. A few people dressed up, but the energy level was really low. Fun to walk in with a bunch of screaming girls though. Then I ran over to the Walter Reade theater to catch the 9pm show of Halloween, in a gorgeous print, then down to the Pioneer for the last half of Kung Fu Cannibals, then back over to the Halloween Adventure Haunted House on Suffolk for a second walk-through (they did a good job), then over to the west village to watch the late-night revelers, had a beer at Duplex where I had never been before (what a small place!), then on home.