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Shade and Santa in the World’s Largest Snowglobe

Times Square, NYC, 2004

After having a great week with my friend Dannie Fuller in town with her son Max, and attending the sold-out show of Mommie Dearest the night before Thanksgiving, and having a great meal at the Hourglass Tavern on 46th together, I wondered into Times Square after having lost out on a standing-room ticket for The Lion King (got it for Sat. though), and saw Santa Claus in a plastic bubble.

Of course I had to wait in line and go inside. Sadly the ‘snow’ wasn’t going when I made it in, but it was a nice enough visit. I’m not sure how well the promotion went, but a funny enough ‘only in New York’ kinda thing to do.

The Lion King the next night was so-so, but the New Amsterdam theatre… incroyables! I got there early to walk around a bit, and spent about a half hour after walking around in as many places as I could. It was easy to see how this giganitc theatre, let to go to hell in the ’70s and ’80s, could hold so much sex and drug use in its halls. I can only, only imagine…