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It’s been awhile!

Boy! Been awhile since I’ve posted. Got really busy once I started working with hereDark Sky Films. So far this year I’ve been to:

Portland, OR, London, Rome, Florence, Venice, Los Angeles, Montreal, Chicago, Toronto, Madrid, Sitges, Barcelona

Whew! I’ve met a zillion cool people and have been having tons of fun and seeing tons of movies. For Hollywood type movies Brokeback Mountain is a fave. I liked King Kong enough to see it twice, but that Jack Black guy sucks. He was such a dork at the King Kong world premiere party. Adrien Brody is cool, Fran Walsh is always excellent, and George Lucas was very nice to meet. I wish I talked to him a little more, but maybe next time.

There’s really so much to report, but I’ve got to get back into the swing of this.