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I hate it when I’m an idiot

I went to exchange a CD holder thing at Best Buy and thought I should bring my passport. I put it in the front pocket of one of those puffy lumberjack like shirts, and left.

I took it off once to use the bathroom at Starbucks at 24th and 6th. A woman was knocking so i hurriedly put myself together, and there was no coat rack so I set it on top of my bags. A woman came in after me.

20 minutes later I get out of the cab at 51st and 9th and realize I don’t have my passport. I actually don’t believe it fell out at Starbucks. I feel that somehow while I was sleeping in the cab that the passport became dislodged. Amazingly, for something I have lost before (left it at Disneyland Paris in 2004 and couldn’t come back to the states) and something I love (all my international stamps: Poland, France, England, Spain, Italy, Canada) you’d think I would button my shirt up or put the passport in my bag.

I’m really amazed that it’s gone actually. Everything else is in my pockets. My wallet, which I just started using days ago, loose money, everything. My passport is the biggest item, and it was in a plastic protective cover.

On the way home in the cab, and the only reason I took a cab was because I was so incredibly tired, I felt something fall from me to the floor. I felt it was my cap, which I had just bought for $1. I felt on the floor, didn’t feel a cap, then realized it was on my head. I saw someone else’s cap with writing on it in the foot area next to me, and didn’t think to pick it up and give it to the driver. If I had, would I have seen my passport?

And it looks like a new passport is $100… so to exchange a CD holder with a mark on it, which I saved $10 on anyway, I have lost something cool that would’ve been cool to scan with all those stamps, something to put in a box and pull out in 50 years, and I need $100 to get a new one, and I need it in two weeks so I can board an airplane. Un-real.

Boy, to have that ability to do some of life’s simple decisions over again…