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Spider-Man 3, Suicide Girls, Grindhouse Film Festival 2007, Alejandro Jodorowsky at GreenCine

Man, it’s been a busy several months. Here are a couple fun articles for May. I decided to visit Los Angeles in February for two weeks and ended up staying for two months. I sadly missed out on visiting my friend Chris Sivertson’s film set for I Know Who Killed Me by days, though that was because I was staying with Ulli Lommel in Marina Del Rey and had no car and Ulli had asked me to help him rewrite a script. So that was cool, Marina del Rey was cool, and Hollywood was even more fun. There was the amazing Grindhouse Film Festival put on by Quentin Tarantino at Sherman Torgan’s New Beverly Cinema that went on for two months. That was the main reason I stayed actually, was to see all those movies projected, and with such a great crowd. Tons of fun!

If you’re on your way to Spider-Man 3, and you dropped by here on the way, you have something else to look forward to besides how cool Venom is. Check out the man with the beard cheering for Spider-Man at City Hall in the clip below.


A couple articles:

Stardom at

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