Dark Stars Rising

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UK publisher Headpress and Shade Rupe have joined forces to release a book of the last 24 years of Shade’s interviews with various creators of darker art: DARK STARS RISING.

Groovy ghoulies interviewed for the book include:

  1. Richard Kern
  2. Alejandro Jodorowksy
  3. Buddy Giovinazzo
  4. Udo Kier
  5. Jim Van Bebber
  6. Dennis Paoli
  7. Tura Satana
  8. Teller
  9. Brother Theodore
  10. Peter Sotos
  11. Johannes Schoenherr
  12. Chas. Balun
  13. Divine
  14. Floria Sigismondi
  15. Hermann Nitsch
  16. Genesis P-Orridge
  17. William Lustig
  18. Dennis Cooper
  19. Gaspar Noe
  20. Johanna Went
  21. Zamora, The Torture King
  22. Andre Lassen
  23. Arnold Drake
  24. Richard Stanley
  25. Stephen O’Malley
  26. Dame Darcy
  27. Crispin Glover


“Take a walk on the wild side.”New York Post

“For readers looking for a visit into a zone beyond the diluted mainstream pabulum, Dark Stars Rising is a stellar book that deserves to be read and preserved.”Cinema Crazed

“This book is gorgeous.”Bloody Disgusting

“Dark Stars Rising is a true Necronomicon, a Black Bible of transgression and transcendence, of the Other and the Beyond.” Beyond Hollywood»

“Images almost literally burst from the paper in a subliminal, psychedelic manner, spilling from the edges of the pages into your surroundings and into your brain – altering them so that after reading this book you can’t be the same person as before.”Temple of Ghoul

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