Podcast interview at The Seattle Geekly

Interviewed by Shannon of The Seattle Geekly for DRIFFF 2009 in Seattle, May 8-9.

Working on a movie in West Seattle

Worked as an assistant director to Eric Morgret and Amy BLANK on Larry Paros’ Yale Summer High School 1968, a new documentary for 2010 release.

Working on Larry Paros' documentary about Yale Summer High School 1968 in West Seattle.

The Graveyard Show interview for DRIFFF 2009

The Caretaker of The Graveyard Show approached my pal Loyd Cryer of the Texas Frightmare Weekend and myself for interviews for this week’s podcast, premiering tonight, April 23, at www.graveyardshow.com and then available on iTunes for download.




With my partner Chris Bavota and several very kind people we’re inaugurating the first Deep Red International Festival of Fantastic Film in Portland, OR, on April 24-25 and Seattle, WA, May 8-9. We’ve got a great lineup including:

Grimm Love (with screenwriter TS Faull in attendance in Seattle)
Bad Biology
Black Devil Doll (with Jonathan Lewis in attendance in Portland)
Inglorious Bastards (original)
Plague Town (with director David Gregory in attendance in Portland)
Bad Biology
Zombie Girl: The Movie

and some great shorts including & Teller and a special performance by 3 Leg Torso opening night in Portland!

Come visit!


Applied Space

Through an invitation from longtime friend Tad Reedy, I was asked to join some folks at the house of Applied Space, an internet radio show production venue, tended to by the fine hostness of Frank Jenkins. Also laying out crazy wax was Nathan Hamlett, aka Maldek, who turned out to have composed music in 2004 for a former girlfriend of my filmmaker buddy Chris Sivertson. Itsy bitsy teeny weeny planet! It was a very eclectic night of sounds and I got turned on to a couple cool pieces including an split album side by Yellow Swans. 

Nathan Hamlett aka Maldek, Tad Reedy, Branden, Shade Rupe, Frank Jenkins at Applied Space.

Nathan Hamlett aka Maldek, Tad Reedy, Branden, Shade Rupe, Frank Jenkins at Applied Space.


Stuff afoot!

So, since June…

Went and spent a little over three weeks in the NW and had an amazing time. My friend Mark Schomburg is out in OR and we hung out a bunch. He used to run an artists’ warehouse I lived in. I really loved waking up to crickets and wind moving through trees rather than construction and fire engine sirens. Been seeing a bunch of bands lately:

She & Him
Devo / Tom Tom Club
Radiohead (twice)
Department of Eagles (their very first live show!)
Grizzly Bear
The Residents (tonight!)

Next week is Sunn O))) at the Knitting Factory which I’m really excited about. I’m going to be missing Brightblack Morning Light which sucks. I’ve been playing their last two albums repeatedly for awhile now. 

Finishing up Dark Stars!!! Almost there!!! So excited to get this thing out in the world!

Amazing dental problems. Teeth are just too expensive.

Dark Stars Rising

UK publisher Headpress and Shade Rupe have joined forces to release a book of the last 24 years of Shade’s interviews with various creators of darker art: DARK STARS RISING. (Read More)

Efterklang and Slaraffenland at the Knitting Factory, May 28, 2008

My friend Karl turned me on to Efterklang summer 2006 by sending me the amazing track ‘Swarming’ in an email. I went to their site and found Grizzly Bear at the top of their list, and then caught my first Grizzly show in Sept. 2006. Love how this stuff goes down. The band just toured through America and Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear joined the band onstage for a couple songs. Caspar Clausen, the lead of Efterklang, took a picture with this girl’s camera who was standing next to me. Was a pretty great exciting show and the band had a great time.

SHADE at Eli Roth’s The Greats of Roth film festival at the New Beverly and the Texas Frightmare Weekend in Grapevine, Tx, Feb. 21-24

If you’re around the New Beverly theater on Feb. 17 or Feb. 20, I’ll be at the screening of Torso, Pieces, and Mother’s Day, and will be presenting for the first-time-ever to an audience 15 minutes of footage from the latest release from Wild Eye Relasing, BLITZKRIEG: ESCAPE FROM STALAG 69! The presentation is Sunday, Feb. 24, at 2:30 pm. I’m also manning the Wild Eye table in the dealers room. Drop by and say hi!

Jonny Greenwood’s Popcorn Superhet Receiver

I was at this show. Great stuff live.